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Has your organization ever needed an attorney
for a corporate or personnel matter but just
couldn't afford the high hourly rates charged by
most reputable law firms?  

That's what many nonprofit organizations and
small businesses face every day. Unfortunately,
in today's complex legal and business environment,
good legal counsel is a must for every organization -
not just for big companies.  

My goal is to assist nonprofit organizations and small
businesses with the critical legal issues that are often
ignored because the cost of retaining a law  firm with
the requisite expertise is just too high.  

I have experience creating and advising a variety of
nonprofit and business entities.  Contact me today for
a free consultation regarding pending issues, or ways I
can help you prevent problems before they
Trade associations
Religious organizations
Government entities
(agricultural commissions)
Joint powers authorities

Limited liability
Sole proprietorships

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*Formation issues (articles,
bylaws, procedures)
*Tax exempt status
*Personnel issues
*Director/member issues
*Attorney General compliance
*Political action committees
*Service marks and                  
*Copyright protection
*Insurance coverage isssues
*Name changes
*Entity Dissolution
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