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Has your organization ever needed an attorney for a corporate or personnel matter but just couldn't afford the high hourly rates charged by most reputable law firms?

That's what many nonprofit organizations and small businesses face every day. Unfortunately, in today's complex legal and business environment, good legal counsel is a must for every organization - not just for big companies.

My goal is to assist nonprofit organizations and small businesses with the critical legal issues that are often ignored because the cost of retaining a law  firm with the requisite expertise is just too high. 

I have experience creating and advising a variety of nonprofit and business entities.  Contact me today for a free consultation regarding pending issues, or ways I can help you prevent problems before they




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Sacramento, California 95819-1167

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Areas of Practice


Trade associations
Religious organizations
Government entities
(agricultural commissions)
Joint powers authorities

For-profit businesses

Limited liability
Sole proprietorships


  • Formation issues (articles, bylaws, procedures)
  • Tax exempt status
  • Personnel issues
  • Agreements/contracts
  • Director/member issues
  • Attorney General compliance
  • Political action committees
  • Service marks and trademarks
  • Copyright protection
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Name changes
  • Entity Dissolution


Did you know?

What you don't know CAN hurt you . . .

Organizational Documents

Out-of-date articles and bylaws may be inconsistent with current California law - making your individual officers and directors vulnerable to personal liability should there be a claim.  Articles and bylaws should be reviewed by counsel at least every five years and updated if necessary.

Personnel Issues

Many nonprofits and small businesses are at risk for lawsuits because they fail to adopt and implement appropriate personnel policies.  With the increasingly complex employment laws and regulations in California, it's easy for nonprofits and small businesses to "get it wrong."  Whether it's hiring and termination rules, harassment and discrimination issues, supervisor liability, wage and overtime regulations, "at-will" status, benefits accrual, use of technology resources, privacy rights, confidentiality, employment contracts, misuse of independent contractors, or any of the dozens of other employee-related issues, I can help you prevent problems before they arise.  


In these litigious times, appropriate insurance coverage may be one of the most important things your organization ever buys.  Unfortunately, many nonprofits and small businesses simply buy a "package deal" from a broker without really understanding what they need or what they're getting.  Too little coverage, or the wrong coverage, can put your valuable resources in jeopardy - resources that should be going to your exempt activities or your bottom line.

Political Action Committees

Do we need one?  How do we set it up?  What are the filing requirements?  Contribution limits?  For candidates?  For initiatives?  Who can act as the "Treasurer"?  Can the association give money to the PAC?  What IS an "independent expenditure committee" anyway?  I can guide you through this process, or answer your questions if you already have a PAC in place.

Intellectual Property

I'm always amazed at how few organizations realize the significant value of their intellectual property - including logos, slogans, manuals prepared by employees, newsletters/articles, photographs - and therefore fail to protect it.  I can help you register your logo/slogan at the state or national level, register copyrightable materials with the U.S. Copyright Office, utilize the proper notices on manuals and web pages ("Copyright", TM, SM, "R", etc.), and avoid infringement claims by other organizations.  


I know - boring.  But good contracts keep your operation running smoothly, reduce uncertainty, and limit your liability.  Sure, we all wish for the good old "handshake" days, but that simply isn't realistic in the 21st century.  Let me review existing contracts, or draft simple understandable agreements that will provide you with a first line of defense against something even more boring - a lawsuit.